Don’t Choose an 11am Kickoff for Your Party

If you’re having friends and family over for a Husker game, make it count! Make sure to schedule it for an afternoon or night game!

Invite People Who Will Be Fun to Be Around

We all know that person who takes football games far too seriously. Don’t invite someone who will ruin the game for everyone else. Only invite people who will be there to have a good time, regardless of the result of the game.

Tailgate & Play Yard Games

The party doesn’t have to just include watching the game. Create a full game-day experience and invite everyone over to tailgate before the game. And what would tailgating be without some fun yard games like bags, ladder golf, or whatever else you and your friends and family enjoy playing.

Have Beverages for Everyone

Of course, you’ll need beverages for the game. If there are children or adults who don’t drink alcohol, make sure to accommodate to them with water and soda. And it’s impossible (or expensive) to satisfy everyone, so providing some beverages while also asking your guests to bring their own is always acceptable.

Serve Good Food

Food matters. Finger foods are always a good choice when it comes to hosting a football party, and there are plenty of great recipes out there. While the weather is still warm, grilling burgers or hotdogs is always a simple option. Or if you’re looking for a truly minimal effort solution, you can just order some Valentino’s and eat the same thing that thousands of fans in Memorial Stadium will enjoy during the game.

Provide Adequate Seating

One of the worst mistakes you can make when hosting a Husker football party is to not have enough seating. Be sure you have this figured out ahead of time!

Wear Red, Be Loud, and Have Fun

We only get to enjoy 12 or 13 Husker football games a year, so make sure to dress up, cheer, have a great time!

Clean Up After the Party

Though the hope is that cleanup is minimal after the party, there’s always the chance that someone might have spilled a drink or their food on your carpet or furniture. Things happen, especially at these types of parties! If that’s the case, and you’re dealing with a stain, our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services can help to get those stains out.

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