Now that extended family has headed home and some of the holiday chaos has quieted down, give your home a refresh! You might’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned before, but when was the last time you had your upholstery cleaned? Couches and rugs need cleaning too, especially after holiday parties and lots of visitors. Explore reasons why you should get your upholstery cleaned for a fresh start this year!

Help Eliminate Odors

Pets, children, and messy holiday guests could all be the culprit for strange smells you can’t quite get rid of. Even if you did your best to stay on top of stains and food scraps, couches and chairs begin to smell after a while. While a fabric spray might seem like a quick fix, this only masks trapped odors and bacteria, and it doesn’t actually get in deep to the source of the smell like upholstery cleaning does!

Get Rid of Stains

Spill a glass of wine on your favorite couch? Guests love your cheese dip a little too much? Did your dog make a mess you didn’t notice until after the gathering?  Sharp’s wet cleaning process is sure to exile even the toughest stains clinging to upholstery fabric. Even if the holidays weren’t full of food and beverage stains, upholstery cleaning services are great for pet odor and stain removal. It’s also a great idea for refreshing areas where toddlers play or visitors spend a lot of time.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

Vacuuming regularly can help prevent dust and fleas from making a permanent home on your couch or area rugs, but it doesn’t penetrate below the surface. Deep cleaning is necessary to minimize allergens, mold, mildew, and bacteria from getting trapped in plush fabrics. Wet cleaning upholstery is ideal for minimizing health risks because it reaches beneath the surface and eliminates unseen microbes. Not only can this help with odors, but it can also keep your family safe by reducing germs and improving air quality. This makes professional upholstery cleaning a great idea during or after flu season!

Extend Furniture Life

Upholstery cleaning can freshen the scent in your home, get rid of bacteria, and extend the life of your upholstery. This will allow you to hold onto your favorite couch for longer and save money in the long term! Plus, Sharp will test your upholstery first to make sure wet cleaning is safe for the specific fabric, ensuring your beloved lounge chair is free from damage!


Ready to refresh your home? To keep your house fresh, healthy, and looking its best, consider cleaning couches, chairs, rugs, and more annually. Choose Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning for upholstery cleaning in Omaha you can count on! Click for a coupon to save today.


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