If you’re a pet owner, you know that maintaining a tidy home is a never-ending task. Whether you’re wondering how to keep your house clean with dogs or how to keep carpets clean with cats, these simple steps can make maintaining a clean and healthy home a little easier!

Be Prepared by the Doorway

The entryway is the first line of defense in keeping your home clean! Make sure to keep a towel stationed here and at your back door to wipe paws. Keeping a bucket with water nearby is also helpful if your pet regularly comes back a muddy mess. If you have a well-behaved dog, train them to walk and wait on floor mats!

Regularly Groom Your Animal

Frequent baths help your pet smell good and also minimize the daily mess in your home! Whether you’re brushing your furry friends a couple times a week or making professional grooming appointments each month, taking the time to keep your animals clean decreases dust and allergens in your home and helps prevent shedding.

Designate Animal-Free Areas of Your House

When it comes to keeping your house clean, designating animal-free areas can help you save time cleaning later. Whether it’s the basement, kids’ bedrooms, or your home office, keeping certain rooms closed off from pets can help contain messes.

Keep Fluffy Off the Bed

We know nothing beats snuggling with your four-legged best friends, but letting your pets on the bed means you’ll need to wash your sheets and bedding more frequently. We’re not saying to stop bedtime snuggles, but we are saying that keeping animals off your bed could save you time doing laundry later!

Exercise Your Pet

Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or an over-energetic cat on your hands, making sure they get proper exercise is a commonly forgotten tip for keeping your house clean with pets. An animal that gets proper attention and physical activity is less likely to destroy rolls of toilet paper or knock over the trash. So break out the laser pointers and leashes, and get your animals moving!

Utilize Place Mats

Putting a place mat under food and water bowls can keep spillage in one area. Using similar mats and towels under litter boxes can also keep litter out from under your feet and off your floors.

Trim Nails

Manicures aren’t just for the humans in your house! Trimming your animal’s nails can decrease mud tracked inside and also protect delicate fabrics and furniture.

Vacuum Frequently

Keeping carpets clean with cats and dogs is a constant battle for animal owners. Taking just five minutes each day to vacuum high-traffic area can save you from spending hours vacuuming the whole house later.

Schedule Annual Carpet Cleanings

Even if you’re diligent at daily vacuuming, there’s really no way to avoid the dust, dirt, and hair that gets embedded deep in your carpets. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned each year can extend the life of your carpet and keep away unwanted odors and bacteria!

Utilize Area Rugs

Placing rugs in high-traffic areas can stop messes from spreading. These rugs are easier to clean and protect your carpet from getting constantly bombarded with paws! Plus, replacing rugs is cheaper than replacing carpet, so they can ultimately save you money.

Remember to Dust

When you have clumps of fur and hair on the ground, it’s easy to remember to vacuum. But don’t forget that you should be dusting just as frequently! Your pets hold dust and dirt in their fur that then finds its way into the air. Make sure to dust surfaces regularly, especially in your pets’ favorite rooms.

Plan a Duct Cleaning

Despite frequent dusting, pets increase the dust and pollen count in your home. To improve air quality in your home, consider scheduling a duct cleaning. Especially if you have family members with allergies, getting a professional duct cleaning during or after allergy season can help your home stay clean and healthy!

Furry friends bring a lot of joy into your home. They can also bring a lot of dirt and grime with them. These tips can help you keep your house clean and smelling fresh so you can spend more time each day playing with your pals!

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