omaha carpet cleaning_zero residueWhen you’re driving in your car throughout Omaha, you may enjoy listening to the radio. As a radio listener, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard an ad for a specific type of Omaha carpet cleaning. The type of carpet cleaning that is often advertised on the radio is billed as having zero residue.

During the course of the commercial, listeners are told that this type of “zero residue” cleaning is accomplished by empowering the water. Although that sounds cool and catchy, it doesn’t provide much concrete information. Since Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has received plenty of questions about this approach, we want to set the record straight for you.

The Reality of Empowering Water

When companies advertise that they use empowered water for their cleanings, they imply that their work is done without any chemicals. However, the reality of this technique is that a chemical agent is definitely used. Not only does zero residue carpet cleaning use a chemical agent, but it uses a chemical that’s outdated by industry standards. Instead of using a modern agent that’s effective but gentle, this approach relies on sodium hydroxide (lye).

Since what’s being advertised isn’t exactly accurate, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that there are downsides to this type of cleaning. One of the biggest issues associated with using lye to clean carpet is if it comes into contact with any type of oil build-up in carpet, the two will bond and leave a stubborn soap deposit behind.

Another reason that reputable carpet cleaning companies like Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning don’t use lye is because it’s a basic substance that raises pH levels. When used to clean carpet, the raised pH environment it creates can cause unwanted chemical reactions with any future spills that may occur.

Why Hot Water Extraction is the Best Option for Omaha Carpet Cleaning

While zero residue definitely isn’t the way to go, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for carpets that aren’t clean. Our hot water extraction method of Omaha carpet cleaning is a proven way to truly clean carpets. Not only will we leave your carpets looking great, but you’ll be able to enjoy several other benefits as well.

The first benefit of proper hot water extraction carpet cleaning is it can ensure that mold doesn’t begin growing as the weather starts getting hot again. Another health benefit of this approach to carpet cleaning is it will wipe out dust mites. Finally, a professional carpet cleaning by knowledgeable technicians is the only way to completely get rid of all pollutants like pet dander and pollen that get trapped in carpet fibers.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned by a Reputable Omaha Company

With a local history that dates all the way back to 1979, Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning doesn’t rely on advertising gimmicks. Instead, we let our solid reputation speak for itself. If you want to have your carpets cleaned by a company that takes pride in every job we do, (402) 551-9949 is the phone number to call.

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