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Presence of mold in your carpet is something to take seriously. If you have identified mold or believe that mold could be present in your carpet, we recommend contacting our experts at Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. We can help identify if there is a problem and provide mold removal services.

residential flooring and walls with mold

We Start With Testing

The first thing we’ll do when contacted about potential mold growth in carpets is inspection and testing to identify whether or not there is a problem that will require mold removal services.

Mold Mitigation, Removal, and Remediation

If testing shows that there’s excessive or harmful mold present in your carpet, we’ll take the necessary steps to remove that mold in addition to remediation services that keep mold levels in your home at natural levels going forward.

Experts You Can Trust

When dealing with a mold issue at home, you need an expert on your side. Our certified specialists have the experience and expertise you want when hiring a company to handle mold testing, mitigation, removal, cleanup, and remediation.

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