Omaha Carpet CleaningIf you’re thinking about professional carpet cleaning because you’re unhappy with how much dust is inside your Omaha home, you’re not alone. A surprising fact about indoor air is it usually has at least twice as much dust as outdoor air. Although there’s no way to keep all dust out of your home, there are steps you can take to reduce its prevalence.

In addition to changing your air filters on a regular basis, professional carpet cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of dust in your home. A big part of why thoroughly cleaning your carpets will significantly cut down on dust is because carpet is a dust mite magnet. Classified under the scientific family of pyroglyphidae, house dust mites are tiny creatures that are difficult to see without magnification.

House dust mites aren’t parasites like scabies mites. That being said, house dust mites do feed on flakes of human skin that have shed off. Because much of that skin ends up in carpet, a single ounce of carpet fiber in a normal home can have up to 2,000 dust mites! It’s also important to understand that even though dust mites aren’t parasitic, they are a very common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dust Mites

No one wants to feel like their Omaha home is filled with little creatures that eat dead skin. But with carpet that hasn’t been cleaned, that’s exactly what’s happening. If you want to eliminate as many dust mites from your home as possible, vacuuming on a regular basis is the first step. By vacuuming one to two times per week, you can suck lots of dust and dust mites out of your carpet.

While vacuuming is an important tool for reducing dust mites, it’s not always able to get all traces of shed skin out of carpet. Fully accomplishing that goal requires professional carpet cleaning. When the Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning team does a job, our experience and equipment allows us to go deeper into carpet than normal vacuuming.

Not only do we go deeper down into carpet, but we’re able to fully extract what’s there. The result of this comprehensive process is carpet that’s truly clean and a home that’s much fresher inside.

Enjoy the Benefits of Clean Carpet by Calling Sharp

Professional carpet cleaning is a proven way to eliminate dust and other debris from your carpet. As a result of eliminating those unwanted elements, Omaha homeowners often report a reduction in allergy and asthma symptoms after their carpets are professionally cleaned.

Getting all the benefits of carpet cleaning requires this work being done by a company that’s thorough and pays attention to detail. So if you want to ensure that your carpets are in the right hands, you can count on the great reputation that Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has built in Omaha. Call us today at (402) 551-9949 to book your carpet cleaning appointment!

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