When Omaha homeowners start looking into professional carpet cleaning services, one of the questions they often have is if this service will leave any residue behind. At Sharp Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning, we believe one of the reasons this is such a common question is there are companies that advertise “zero residue” cleaning services.

Due to the way those ads are worded, it gives the impression that most other carpet companies do leave residue behind.

Understanding What Zero Residue Really Means

Another impression that companies who run zero residue ads give is their process for cleaning carpets doesn’t include any cleaning agents. However, that’s actually not the case. In fact, instead of using modern cleaning agents that are specifically formulated to be both effective and gentle, companies who bill themselves as zero residue cleaners rely on lye. Also known as sodium hydroxide, this caustic substance is far from being an ideal carpet cleaner.

Even though companies that use lye for carpet cleaning don’t use it in large enough amounts to create any type of health hazard, it can lead to carpet damage. The big issue with lye is even though it doesn’t leave any visible residue behind, it can bond with oil or grease in carpet to form soap deposits. Once those deposits form, regular water isn’t strong enough to rinse them away.

Where the biggest problem with lye comes up is if any substances are spilled on spots in the carpet where the lye soap deposits have formed. Given the chemically basic nature of lye, if a liquid with any amount of acidity is spilled, it can create a chemical reaction with the lye that results in that spot on the carpet being permanently discolored.

The Best Method of Carpet Cleaning

While zero residue carpet cleaning sounds good in the context of an ad, it’s definitely not the ideal way to clean carpets in an Omaha home and keep them looking their best. A far superior method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. The way this method works is hot water and a proven cleaning solution are injected into carpet. Next, an extraction wand is used to loosen and remove debris like dirt that’s trapped in the carpet.

What’s great about the extraction wand used in hot water extraction carpet cleaning is it’s highly effective at removing debris without being abrasive to carpet. It also suctions moisture from the carpet at the same time, which means you get completely clean carpet that dries in hours and is free of any residue.

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