Local Omaha Carpet CleaningIf you’re thinking about having a professional carpet cleaning done in your Omaha home, you may have several different questions about what to expect from this process. At Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, one of the most common questions that homeowners ask us is how long it will take for their carpet to dry.

We believe that the popularity of this question stems from people not wanting to have their lives thrown into chaos. Instead, Omaha homeowners want to have their carpet cleaning done and then return to their regular routine as soon as possible. As fellow residents of this great city, we completely understand this desire to not get stuck in an extended state of disarray.

Helping homeowners like you avoid any additional feelings of stress is why we want to cover the topic of carpet cleaning drying times in the proper amount of detail.

The Importance of Protecting Damp Carpet

When carpet in an Omaha home is damp, it’s possible for the carpet to get damaged. For example, if furniture is placed back on carpet too early or people are allowed to walk across it, the chances of stains transferring are very high. That’s why Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning highly recommends staying off carpet until it has fully dried.

The other thing we caution homeowners against doing is placing newspaper on their carpet. At first, putting down newspaper may seem like a good way to create a trail across wet carpet to walk on. Unfortunately, the moisture in the carpet can pull the ink off a newspaper page. As you can imagine, this transfer can cause major discolorations and stains.

The 3 Factors That Affect Drying Time

Now that you know why it’s so important to avoid disturbing carpet in any way when it’s still wet, you’re probably wondering how long your carpet is going to stay wet. Because carpet comes in many different sizes, the amount of time required for drying can vary quite a bit.

Indoor air circulation is the first factor that affects carpet’s total drying time. A simple way to speed up drying time is to turn on any ceiling and box fans throughout your home. And depending on the weather, either opening the windows or running your home furnace fan will get lots of air circulating.

Speaking of weather, it’s next on the list of factors. If the humidity is high in Omaha when your carpets are cleaned, this will increase how long drying takes. Finally, the type of carpet you have in your home is the last factor that affects drying time.

As a rule of thumb, cut or plush pile carpets have shorter drying times, while loop carpeting like Berber takes longer. It’s also worth noting that even though certain fibers absorb more water, the advanced water extraction equipment we use during cleaning maximizes water removal regardless of the specific fiber type.

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