Omaha Carpet CleaningWhen a homeowner realizes that their carpet isn’t looking all that great, they may consider DIY carpet cleaning. The most common reason Omaha homeowners consider this option is they think it will give them clean carpets at the lowest price possible. Based on the way that DIY cleaning products are marketed, that’s a reasonable assumption to make. Unfortunately, the reality of what DIY products can accomplish is much different than the claims they make.

As many people have had to learn the hard way, the results of using DIY cleaners generally fall very short of expectations. Not delivering results means these products end up being a waste of money. What’s even worse is in addition to not working, home carpet cleaning products can actually cause a variety of different problems.

4 Problems That DIY Carpet Cleaning Can Cause

If you rent any type of carpet cleaning machine from a store, you run the risk of ending up with soaked carpets. The reason this problem is fairly common with DIY machines is they don’t include the water extraction systems used by professional cleaners in Omaha. The second problem that can arise from using a DIY machine is mold. The longer carpet remains damp, the greater the chances of mold starting to grow.

Another problem that can come from attempting the DIY approach is shrunk carpet. This problem is also linked to excess moisture. In the event that carpet does shrink, the only way to fix it is through replacement! Finally, even if you manage to avoid those issues, DIY cleaning often leads to fast re-soiling. The reason is a personal cleaner won’t fully extract all of the detergent it puts into carpet. When left behind, excess detergent will actually attract allergens and dirt into the carpet.

Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Does This Task Right

We definitely recommend that Omaha homeowners vacuum their carpet on a regular basis. But because there are so many issues that can come up with using a DIY carpet cleaning machine, we advise leaving that task up to our team of experienced professionals. When you call Sharp Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning and schedule a service appointment with us, you won’t have to worry about wasting time or making a costly mistake.

Instead, all of the carpets in your home will be serviced by experienced technicians. Thanks to the skill of our team and the high-quality industrial equipment we use, your home will be left with completely clean carpets that are able to dry in as little as just a few hours.

Call Us to Get Clean Carpet Without Stress or Complications: (402) 551-9949

It’s likely that carpet covers a large percentage of your Omaha home. If you want your carpet to look great and remain in the best condition possible, we can help you accomplish that goal. We have a long history of delivering great carpet cleaning results throughout Omaha. For answers to any questions you have or to schedule your cleaning appointment, call us today at (402) 551-9949.

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