omaha dryer vent cleaningBetween the warmer weather and the fact that you’re probably going to be doing more laundry during the summer months when your kids are home, now is an ideal time to think about having a dryer vent cleaning done. Regardless of whether or not you’ve previously heard of this type of cleaning, we will walk you through everything that you need to know.

Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

The biggest reason that dryer vent cleaning is important is because clogged dryer vents are actually a very common source of home fires. The reason that a clogged dryer vent has such a high likelihood of causing a fire is because it has all the elements needed for combustion. If you think about what lint generally looks like, it’s easy to understand why it’s highly flammable. Add to that the fact that this vent is a small space that’s exposed to very high temperatures (especially during the summer months), and it’s not difficult to understand how fires end up happening.

While there’s no question that a fire is the worst outcome of a clogged vent, it’s not the only thing that can go wrong. Even if a vent is only mildly clogged, it’s going to make your dryer run far less efficiently. That means you’re going to have to keep clothes running for longer to fully dry them, which in turn means higher utility bills.

There are two other issues related to clogged dryer vents worth mentioning. The first is that depending on exactly what gets stuck in a vent, it may prevent your clothes from smelling fresh when you take them out of the dryer. Even if you start adding extra dryer sheets, you’re likely to find that your clothes continue to come out with a somewhat musty smell. The other issue is that running less efficiently can take a toll on your dryer. This can eventually lead to the machine breaking down or not working at all.

The Right Time to Have a Cleaning Done

If you’ve noticed any of the signs we discussed above like your dryer is running less efficiently or your clothes have had a less pleasant odor when you pull them out, it’s very likely that your dryer vent is clogged with lint and other debris. Since the weather is starting to really heat up, now is the time to have a dryer vent cleaning. Doing so will allow you to protect your family and return your dryer to its peak efficiency.

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