As you get ready to move into your new home, you might be creating a long list of “to-dos.” Here are a few things that should make their way onto your list right away.

Change the Locks

You and the previous owners may have exchanged keys upon closing, but that doesn’t mean every key they’ve ever had made is accounted for. Instead of running the risk of providing access to unwanted visitors who have keys, call a locksmith or go out and buy new door handles and deadbolts. Be sure you switch out any old locks, including on garage, patio, and basement doors.

Update Your Address

Before letting friends and family know that you’ll be moving, be sure to update your mailing address with the US Postal Service and your utilities provider. Most utilities (heat, water, electric, cable/internet) will allow you to schedule a change in service address so that billing and services will transfer to your new location on a specific date, leaving you with one less item to worry about as you move.

Check Smoke Alarms & CO Detectors

Depending on the age or lack of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home, check all detectors before moving in. You’ll want to know if any issues can be resolved by something as simple as changing a battery, or if you’ll need to replace alarms to protect you and your family.

Locate the Fuse Box & Main Water Valve

There are few things worse than not knowing where the fuse box and main water valve are in your home. Know which fuses go to which area so that you can quickly turn power back on in the event of a blown fuse. Locating your main water valve is important for two reasons. The first is being able to shut off water if there are any major leaks, and the second is to prevent any problems during upgrades to bathrooms or the kitchen. While the individual water valves in these areas provide the ability to shut off just the one water line, preventing a major problem will go a long way.

Join the Local Neighborhood App

Check if your neighborhood is listed on NextDoor. This serves as a social network for your neighborhood. It allows you to communicate privately with other individuals or families in your area and find out about upcoming events, discuss community issues, or even serve as a neighborhood watch.

Run Network Cables

For home improvement buffs who prefer wireless homes, your best bet of getting cables run between floors and through the walls is before you’ve moved furniture and other items in. Doing this may require you to start service with your cable/internet provider earlier to properly test your network.

Clean the Carpets

Sometimes the previous owners will do this before you get there, but if they don’t, it’s a good idea to have the carpets professionally cleaned before moving in. You’ll be able to get rid of unsightly stains, odors left by pets or years of use, and allergens kicked up during the move-in process. The best time to get your carpets cleaned is before you start moving furniture in!



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